Have a question about our product?

Q: Who Do You Use To Take Your Photographs For Your Website?

A: We are very fortunate to be local to Stuart C Photography. All the images across our website are courtesy of Stuart. If you would like to see what Stuart offers, please head over to his website. You won’t find another photographer who is as passionate, professional and diverse in his photographic abilities.

Q: How Do We Order Different Colours Of Your Lights That Are Not In Your Shop?

A: Due to the space constraints of our studio, we are unable to stock all the colours available [Hyperlink]. However, this doesn’t mean that if you would like to purchase a different colour that isn’t stocked that we can’t supply it. Shoot us an e-mail at info@tydesigns.com.au and we can process an order for you.

Q: How Do Your Lights Absorb Noise?

A: The fins for our products are made from a soft, recycled, 100% polyester which has been designed to reduce echo and reverberation. For full details, please check out our acoustic write-up.

Q: Do You Have Any Other Designs Available In Addition To The one.two?

A: We currently have two other collections in the pipeline to release this year. Please signup to our newsletter to receive sneak peaks and behind the scenes studio access.

Q: Can You Provide Some Details On The Optimal Spacing/Heights For Installation?

A: We can’t offer advice on specific mounting heights and/or spacings to set our lights apart. This is mainly due to the fact, that every space is different and presents a number of variables that will impact on the best mounting arrangement. We highly recommend assembling the lights and doing a dry run to work what best suits the space you are planning on installing the lights in. This might involve a few extra persons to be able to do, but in our experience, it's always best to be sure before you install.

Q: How Do You Assemble The one.two?

A:  The assembly couldn’t be easier! Click on this link to see our instruction set that goes out with every order.

Also, watch this space, we are working on an assembly video that should be available shortly after our website launch.

Q: Can I Order Your Lights With A Longer Pendant Electrical Cord?

A:  Yes, however, we don’t offer this as an option online. Please e-mail us on info@tydesigns.com.au to arrange a length that suits your requirements.