The Perfect Height - Pt.3


In this series of blog posts, we will be covering the

perfect heights to install our one.two noise reducing pendant light.

We will cover as many commercial and residential spaces as possible.

Including bathrooms, dining areas, living areas, waiting rooms, reception desks, stairwells and more!

Blog No. 008 | Author: Tyrone Cleary | Date: 22/02/2019


The one.two can be an exceptional statement piece above your boardroom desk.

The trick is to ensure you follow a few basic rules of thumb to achieve the desired result.

Installing the one.two in above a boardroom desk (or similar)

1.     First and foremost, ensure that you engage a qualified electrical contractor in your State or Territory. We recommend searching the Master Electricians Australia Site and getting two or three quotes for any electrical job.

2.      The ideal ceiling height for installing the one.two is around 2700mm (2.7m) or higher. The lowest you should consider installing at is 2400mm (2.4m). The problem with going lower than this height is the one.two is a large fitting and without a certain length of suspension chord, you lose fluidity and a sense of proportion.

3.     Ensure that you install the one.two equally spaced apart above your boardroom desk

4.     The ideal height to install the one.two will be dependant on the key uses for the boardroom:

·        The boardroom is mainly used for presentations on a TV/or projector system and/or video conferencing

  • Consider installing the one.two at around 1800mm (1.8m) or a height which ensures that the TV/Project screen is not obscured to any of boardroom attendees. 1800mm will ensure that the lights are still a focal point and not impede of the functionality of the boardroom.

·        The boardroom is mainly used for around the table meetings and/or training purposes

  • The ideal height to install the one.two in this situation is 1500mm (1.5m) to the underside (bottom) of the pendant. This is a general rule of thumb to use, as it is around eye level for most people. This height is perfect to make the pendant a key focal point and ensure that they do not impede on the functionality of the boardroom.


If you have any requests for installation heights for a particular project or renovations, send us an e-mail, we would be glad to help . Just comment below or send us an e-mail