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Blog No. 001 | Author: Tyrone Cleary | Date: 31/07/2018


Ever had an idea and thought, “That’s got potential, you know – I could make some money off that?”

 How many times you have had that thought and did nothing about it?

It’s been a well-known fact for centuries, that humans will lend themselves more to immediate rewards than pursuing long-term endeavours for future gains.

If you answered yes and you've lost count to the above questions, then you would be behaving exactly how the majority of society generally would.

That was exactly us three years ago when we first designed and produced a pendant light. (Which we now call the one.two collection).

We're not exactly sure when or what changed, but after years of people telling us to pursue the idea further, we finally decided to immerse ourselves in the entire process.

On this blog, we want to explore exactly what changed our way of thinking and how we ended up where we are today – Launching a business dedicated to something we created from nothing.

We're writing this particular blog to let you know what you can expect to see from our blog going forward.

We understand the importance of keeping fresh content online to keep our audience engaged & interested with our brand and culture.

Going forward we will update this blog regularly with a variety of posts ranging from:


-          The story of our founding: the history, the vision, and the growth

-          Our product: where they came from, how they were made, their special features 

-          Tutorials on how to use your products

-          Announcements for a sale and/or a new collection launch

-          Events we are running or participating in

-          Advice on products, not just our own

-          Company updates

-          Developments in the industry

-          Something of interest we found on the web – sometimes nothing to do with our brand or products.


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