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We are pleased to announce that we are a finalist in this years VIVID DESIGN AWARDS 2019.

VIVID is Australia’s longest-running awards program, dedicated to unearthing and rewarding Australia’s next wave of design talent.

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Designer Pendant Lighting

Brisbane, Australia


She was made of magic, that only I could see
— Atticus

Why choose ty.designs pendant lighting?


Unique materials

In an industry flooded with pendant lights made from glass, ceramics, metals and timber. We wanted to offer a completely unique pendant light that stands out, and above the rest. Our custom pendant lights are mainly made from a dense polyester board that has a unique texture with a distinct softness that you will not find anywhere else.


Unique features

Our pendant lighting is made mainly from a compressed polyester board that is excellent at absorbing noise. We know that architects and interior designers are constantly looking for better ways for eliminating echoing from open floor plan interiors. This is especially why we chose to create our pendant lighting from a highly effective sound absorbing material.


Uniquely Australian  - Environmentally Conscious

Our online lighting store is Australian owned and operated.

Our polyester board is made from 65% recycled products (plastic bottles etc.)

Our designer plywood is sourced from sustainable plantations

Our delivery service offsets 100% of the carbon emissions produced in the pickup and delivery process

SCP_6165_QScan Broncos_1600.jpg

“A truly breathtaking addition to our stair well. The contrast of the softness of the pendants against the polished concrete wall is mesmerising.”

— Narelle M, Qscan - NRL Broncos Training Facility

QScan Parkwood-12_1600.jpg

“The pendant lights have been a welcome and unique feature to our patient waiting room..... your lights have positively transformed this once empty and bland space.”

— Kim C, Qscan - Parkwood International Golf Coarse

QScan Clayfield_SM_3.jpg

“Your lights are always a refreshing addition to our waiting spaces and are often praised by patients. The pendant lights with their timber elements and selected globe temperature fit beautifully with the modular wall.”

— Tom P


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